One Spark Foundation Board of Directors

The One Spark Foundation Board of Directors meets once a month. The goals for our Directors are as follows:

  • Provide fiduciary oversight for One Spark Foundation, a non-profit corporation
  • Discuss, create, approve and support legal documents as required by the state and IRS
  • Brainstorm ideas regarding fundraising, long term goals and sustainability
  • Support the philosophy and vision, as written by Founder and Executive Director Lori S. Peters
  • Support public relations efforts in the community

The Board of Directors is not involved in the day to day operations of One Spark Academy.

Todd Geist

OSF Board President and Co-Founder of One Spark Academy

Todd makes software for small businesses, organizations, and individuals through his company, Geist Interactive, and is well known in the FileMaker community. With clients all over the world, he cares deeply about the success of small businesses that incorporate innovation, creativity, social responsibility, and good will to others. He dedicates almost all of his business profits to helping his wife, Lori, build One Spark Academy, and is very involved with its back office management. He is a huge supporter of Lori’s dreams, the dedicated team of people who work with her, and their collective mission to make One Spark Academy an awesome place for kids to learn. 

Jon Baker

Vice President

Picasso once said: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. Lori Peters and I have talked a lot about these type of children, and how best to prepare them for the world into which they will “grow up”.  We realized that for our children to be successful in life, they will need to be the most flexible, collaborative, resilient, creative and confident generation ever.  Educating a child “from the neck up”, would no longer carry the day. Academics have to be valued equally with social-emotional development in a safe, supportive learning environment where individuality was “ok”, and creativity is nurtured. I have a career as a professional musician, producer and composer today because of several outstanding educators who supported and encouraged me (and my parents) to develop the talents inside me.  I am honored to be a part of the Board of Directors of a learning community where each child is valued and supported to let their “spark” ignite.  Yeats said: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.  That fire begins with one spark.

Doug Andersen


Dr. Doug Andersen grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and has lived in the Conejo Valley since 1975. He has been a Family Practice Dentist in Thousand Oaks since 1990 and is married to his wife of 18 years, Rochelle. They have a son Jacob, who attends classes at One Spark Academy.  Doug has a long history of community service  as an AYSO youth soccer coach and through his membership at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village. In his words, “Through my dental practice and as a youth soccer coach, I have befriended many kids over the years. Not every child fits neatly into ‘the box’ that is our public school system. This is especially true in the middle school years, when kids are trying desperately to figure out how they fit in.  I have found a very special, nurturing place at One Spark Academy– a place where kids are assured that they count for something and are given a chance to grow without concern for being ‘accepted.’  I have guest lectured in the Archeology class and have been a chaperone for the past two ‘outdoor school’ trips to the Yosemite Valley and the Olympic National Park and have seen One Spark up close and personal. I support One Spark Academy unconditionally, and am thankful that my son has the opportunity to be a student here.”

Michele Fegley


Michele is the parent of Aidan, presently a 9th grade student who attends classes at One Spark Academy, and Adele, a 6th grader at CAPE Charter School.  She previously taught English at high schools in New York and Massachusetts. She has a B.A. in English and a Masters in Secondary Education. She lived in Japan as an English teacher and later in The Netherlands, where she lived with her husband and children for more than 10 years. Currently, she is working with the Learning Success Institute in Ventura, focusing on finding each child’s learning style and applying it to develop their passions and talents. As a board member of One Spark Foundation, Michele hopes to support One Spark with her background and enthusiasm because she believes that the unique learning community that has been created at One Spark is the healthiest way to educate children. She strongly believes in educating the whole child and fostering a safe environment where each child can learn in his or her best way.

Tom Stough

Member at Large

I am a proud supporter of whole-child education in general and OSA in particular. My son Aidan attended classes at One Spark Academy, and my wife Robin Lindsey is a One Spark teacher.  As a librarian at Oxnard College, I am an educator in my workaday life.  I also like to teach kids about the mysteries of ham radio.  Thank you for looking into a wonderful educational alternative: One Spark Academy.

Jennifer Kerr

Member at Large

As someone who was raised abroad, in England, Lebanon, and India, as well as the US, Jennifer has learned that you make your home where you are. So in Thousand Oaks, as in Sheffield, England or Taylor, Texas, Jennifer has used her 20 years of experience, skill, and determination as an HR professional to advocate and make change in her community. As the a wife and mother of three children, including Emerson Kerr who attended One Spark, it is perhaps inevitable that she finds herself on the One Spark Board of Directors, among those who are as dedicated to education as they are to the larger community. Jennifer is so committed to OSA that she attends most of our Board meetings remotely, while living now in Louisville, Kentucky!