Summer Session, July 19-30

OSA 2021 Summer Session, July 19-30

This year’s Summer Session will take place at Art Trek and focus on math and English, providing students in-person, personalized instruction and practice in a low stress, calm environment. We want to make this a productive but FUN learning time, so there will be time for math games, puzzles, and discussion in each 1.5 hour rotation.

Classes will meet Monday through Friday, July 19-30, from 9:00 AM – 12:30. There will be a 1/2 hour break for snack and socializing. A light snack will be provided (fruit, bagels, cheese, nuts, pita, hummus, and maybe a few treats). During the two weeks, there will be at least one hike included, the day TBD once we can gauge the weather, and at least one art lesson.


  • Maximum number for the two weeks is 12 students.
  • All current OSA students (returning) and alumni do not need to fill out any forms to attend. NEW students will need to fill out a registration form (provided via email).
  • No homework and all materials stay on site.
  • Math: Laura and Lyra will be test-driving lessons from a new middle school math curriculum called Desmos.
  • English: Melanie (and sometimes Lori) will help students build confidence with practice in reading, writing, grammar and more.
  • Students are asked to keep personal technology at home or OFF and out of sight.


  • $450, including snack.
    • 9th grade students (Fall 2021) who were enrolled in the IvyTech cohort, and who remain in ITCS through July, can attend the OSA 2021 Summer Session (M-Th only) at no charge provided they are not already registered for HS credit summer school classes through ITCS.
  • Donations welcome! We have priced the Summer Session as low as possible, but still need to cover staff, rent and snack. It is still a hard year for many so we want to keep the Summer Session accessible. Families who have the means to help support OSA are encouraged to donate