About One Spark

What we do, and our Mission: One Spark Academy offers quality education courses to home school or independent study students, with the benefit of flexible scheduling. Our small community is centered on the philosophy of “whole child, whole family” education.IMG_5724

Our mission is to provide an engaging, healthy, and connected learning environment so that our participants and educators can thrive!

Motto: It only takes one spark to ignite a child’s passion for learning.

Location: The fabulous Thousand Oaks Teen Center. 1375 E. Janss Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Ages/Grades Served:  All courses are open to 6th-8th graders, or students 11-14 years old during the academic year. Please note that if students are enrolled in a public charter homeschool program, they must be 6th grade or higher to attend our classes. A registered 5th grader, regardless of age or maturity, may not attend classes at One Spark Academy. However, many courses are appropriate and available to older students (up to 17 years old). All CRPD enrichment courses (PE, computer, etc.) are open to 6th-12th graders, or 11-17 year olds during the academic year.

Important to know:

  • We are not a school. Parents assume responsibility for the overall education goals and criteria as outlined in their home school contract, if with a home school program, and any instruction not being provided by One Spark Academy (OSA). However, many students attend full time and treat One Spark Academy as their “school.”
  • One Spark Academy does have an immunization requirement, with limited exceptions due to our size.
  • Our education courses are taught by qualified teachers and/or experts in their field. The courses we offer may vary from session to session. While we cannot provide courses for all core subjects in all grades (per session), we offer core math, writing, reading, at least one course in social studies and science per session, and a variety of engaging enrichment classes (physical education, art, technology, etc).
  • Some courses need to be supplemented at home. Courses may include projects and independent research. Additional independent work may be requested or recommended.
  • While OSA may assess students in order to tailor the instructional levels, and provide feedback on student progress (met requirements, didn’t meet requirements), we will not provide formal reports of grades or assessments. We will, however, provide general feedback on student progress, and/or assess any work students produce in our courses.
  • We do not offer any specific special education services, nor do we assume responsibility for addressing specific needs outlined in an IEP or 504 provided from a child’s public school. Students with special needs are welcome at OSA if our courses can accommodate their academic needs.
  • Students must be able to handle themselves respectfully in an environment with varied ages, personalities, and learning needs. When conflicts arise (and they will), students must be willing to work through those conflicts and demonstrate the ability to grow. Students whose behaviors repeatedly inhibit the learning of others, interrupt the teachers’ abilities to run their classes, or who cannot handle the responsibility of working through conflicts shouldn’t sign up for courses at One Spark Academy.
  • All courses and study sessions between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:30/3:00 PM have a fee.
  • Students in 7th grade and beyond may use the facility free of charge from 2:00 PM on. Outside of OSA classes that 6th can attend, the Teen Center strictly enforces its age minimum and maximum, 7th-12th grade, or students who are 12-17 years old during the academic year.
  • Students should have a Thousand Oaks Library Card. Some study sessions may be held there.
  • All courses have a maximum number of students. Core or study sessions with fewer than 3 students may be cancelled. Wait lists may be created for courses that are filled.
  • We reserve the right to deny admission to any student who presents a safety risk to him/herself or others, or who does not respect the conduct code of One Spark Academy or the Thousand Oaks Teen Center.