Support Team

Todd Geist

Cofounder, Board President, and Business Operations of One Spark Academy

Todd Geist makes software for small businesses, organizations, and individuals through his company, Geist Interactive, and is well known in the FileMaker community. With clients all over the world, he cares deeply about the success of small businesses that incorporate innovation, creativity, social responsibility, and good will to others. He dedicates almost all of his business profits to helping his wife, Lori, build One Spark Academy, and is very involved with its back office management. He is a huge supporter of Lori’s dreams, the dedicated team of people who work with her, and their collective mission to make One Spark Academy an awesome place for kids to learn.

Jerri Baker

Sous Chef, Food Fascination

Jerri Baker collaborates with master planner Laura Erlig, Sue Eaton and fellow OSA student chefs-in-training in our daily version of the following recipe: the main ingredient is the celebration of relationships, with healthy dashes of autonomy, joy, integrity, even in the midst of conflict. Viola! Life and food are served and enjoyed. Jerri loves being part of the OSA team. 🙂