What our community is saying about One Spark Academy…

“Their passion fueled our son’s academic interests in favourite courses and ignited his interest in several new fields. Our family is forever indebted to these wonderful people for the kindness they showed us. Their loving guidance confirmed that academic inspiration and emotional growth – the nurturance of both head and heart – make for rich pedagogical experiences.” Read more here…~ Nancy-Jean Pément (son Jackson, 7th grade 2012-2013)

“At OSA, the academic teaching, personal attention and care were phenomenal! I’d never seen anything like it.  All of Serena’s teachers paid close attention to the various dynamics going on with the kids, both educational and social, which is very important to me, especially during middle school years.” Read more here… ~ Elizabeth Lee (daughter Serena, 7th/8th grade, 2011-2013)

“At One Spark, our teenager’s passion for learning, and his desire to be with similarly passionate kids and teachers, was rewarded. Students there are given the tools and opportunities for learning, and have the ability to ask how they can take their education to the next level. One Spark offers a lot of hands on learning (yes, that includes writing hands too).” Read more here… ~ Bonnie Sterling (son James, 8th/9th grade 2011-2013)

“We have really fun classes. In science, we do something new and interesting each week, such as building models that involve the lesson that day, or doing a creative hands-on experiment. Another really engaging class is math, because we really learn in depth. Students can collaborate and help each other understand challenging concepts that the teachers have explained.” Read more here… ~ Chase, student 2012-2013