Chase’s Story

Chase Carlson

Current One Spark Academy Student

One Spark Academy Has Changed My Life

One Spark Academy has changed my life in many ways. All of the teachers are very nice, I can get one on one help if wanted or needed, and there are really fun classes.


First, I have a close relationship with my teachers. There are an average of twenty five kids a day, so teachers can establish a close relationship with all of the students. This is good, because if there is a problem in your life, you can always get help resolving it. My teachers have time to help us learn more about ourselves, not just academics. Additionally, they help us learn to work more as a team, by solving conflicts as they occur.


Next, it’s a great thing to get one on one help if needed. Since the classes are small in size, the teachers can answer your questions and help you faster. They simply have more time. There’s also no focus on grades, and they don’t give out report cards. Instead, my teachers give feedback that is specific to me, allowing me to improve without having to worry about a bad grade.  For example, Lori helped me summarize my essays, but she didn’t slam the information into me. Rather she explained concepts and helped me edit and revise, instead of writing a totally different paper!


Finally, we have really fun classes. In science, we do something new and interesting each week, such as building models that involve the lesson that day, or doing a creative hands-on experiment. Another really engaging class is math, because we really learn in depth. Students can collaborate and help each other understand challenging concepts that the teachers have explained. Sometimes we share very funny examples and stories as a way of explaining what we know. Lastly, a really unique class is Food Fascination. We get to learn to cook well, and we also get to create the lunches that day. We often learn new recipes in every class.


Middle school was just not working for me; there were too many kids and too much stress, making it hard for me to learn. But now I can focus more on what’s important to learn. Because of One Spark Academy, my life has been changed for the better, in so many ways. These are just a few of them.


By Chase “Chaser” Carlson
Nov. 9, 2012