If you were a blank canvas, how would you fill it?

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  • WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, September 28, 5:30-8:00 PM at the Thousand Oaks Library Community Room.
  • WHO MAY ATTEND: Anyone 11 and older. Participants only, please (no observers). RSVP required. See below. There will be limited seating due to the nature of the activity. No art experience necessary!
  • DETAILS: This event is mostly sponsored by The AIM Project and One Spark Academy. A donation of $25 per participant is requested. Some light refreshments may be available, but please eat before coming. Water fountain on site. Arrive promptly. Parents and their children are asked to sit APART, to allow for free flow of ideas.
  • This is an encore event! Our 2015 AIM Event was very well attended and our guests were so glad they came!

What is the AIM Project? 
Also known as Art Inside Me and founded and facilitated by Sharon DeMattia, the AIM Project is a safe, guided and fun process during which individuals connect deeper with themselves in order to discover “Who I am”, “Why am I here?” and “How do I fit in?”

We want to be Happy.

When we feel safe, we talk. What is the value of a real conversation about what matters most? When we feel afraid we retreat, shut down and communication stops flowing.  We say “We’re Fine, Just Tired” but our insides tell a different story.  The AIM Project Bridges Communication Gaps and supports open dialogues that build strong foundations upon which to grow.

Interactive workshops become an anonymous platform where we can ask and answer our own private questions. The guided, self-portrait process creates an internal compass to help us stay grounded as we navigate through our lives. It is not just the canvas and pens; it’s the dialogue we uncover with them.


The ART Inside Me is a workshop experience for you and your child(ren).

When kids feel connected, supported and acknowledged they become more courageous and empowered to work beyond fear. They perform at higher levels academically and socially – they develop better relationships, have better academic outcomes, are more creative and collaborative, and bring their particular talent or gift into the world.

Will you join us?

**This event is being sponsored by One Spark Academy. This program is not a Thousand Oaks Library sponsored event.