Course Syllabi and Resources

Our instructors are preparing for a variety of lessons to engage your student. While a general template is planned, with grade-level content standards in mind for some classes, we strive to “teach the child, and not the curriculum.”

Therefore, please be advised that day/week lessons are likely to adjust and change according to the needs and interests of students, particularly in math. In addition, please note:

  • General materials needed are listed on Course Descriptions, or will be asked of students in class. With the exception of our directed math classes (Foundations, Pre-Algebra, and MS Algebra), English Literature & Composition, and advanced science labs (CRPD), many courses have no “required” texts to purchase or unexpected costs outside of basic study materials, unless noted prior to the start of the course. Daily lesson materials (reading, art, copies from various resources) will be provided as needed.
  • Independent assignments can be adjusted for homeschool or online curriculum so students are appropriately challenged, but not overloaded!

Math students
: If you are registered for a math course, it is recommended that each math student provide his or her own headset or earbuds for use with Kahn Academy or similar online programs.

For any classes with potential research: bringing a laptop, using Google Docs, or having your own USB flash drive would be great!

Course Syllabi* for Session 1, 2017-2018 will be posted in August
  • English Language Arts (ELA), Session 1:
  • Foundations Math, Session 1:
  • Pre-Algebra, Session 1:
  • MS Algebra, Session 1:
  • Algebra 1, Session 1:
  • English Literature and Composition:
  • World Literature:
  • Mapping the World by Heart:
  • Ancient Journeys:
  • Shapes of Nature:

*Not all instructors post a syllabus