General Registration Requirements at One Spark Academy for 2020-2021

One Spark Academy, at its present location (the Thousand Oaks Teen Center), has limited capacity. We use four classrooms, the kitchen, the gym, and the beautiful outdoors. However, we also keep our classrooms small in size and try to balance the various grades and learning levels.

  • Steps To Register:
    1. Be sure you understand how One Spark Academy works. Read About us.
    2. General registration begins August 3. To be on a priority list for General Registration, please fill out the 2020-2021 Student Registration Form on this page. If space is available in your preferred courses, you will be contacted.
    3. Our Course Schedule will be available August 3. If after August 20, there are still spaces available in your preferred courses, you should email us directly to request that spot. If courses are closed, you may inquire. Sometimes spots become available before the site is updated.
    4. Read the Course Descriptions carefully. Some courses require independent work or meet with students off-site/outdoors.
  • PaperworkRegistration Forms are submitted once per year once schedules are confirmed, in hard copy. The following forms are needed: 
  • Payment is required 1-2 weeks prior to the start of each session (dates may vary) or within three working days if registering mid-session. View our Pricing Policy here.
  • Priority:
    • Priority for Session 1 each year is given to students who are pre-registered. (Pre-registration is one week before general registration.) Priority is also given to full-time students, or those committing to our full-year courses, which have limited space. Students coming 4-5 days a week and/or on our Flex Plan are considered “full time”.
    • Priority during the year is given to students enrolled in the previous Session. Students enrolled in full-year courses retain those spots as long as they remain enrolled in OSA.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Fall 2020 (Sessions 1 and 2, and perhaps longer) due to COVID-19
  • All courses in Session 1 will be offered online, with the exception of Fitness Club, Hiking Club, Seeds & Sprouts, and Stories in Stone, which will be offered offsite and outdoors.
  • If we are able to resume onsite/outdoors at the Teen Center, classrooms will be limited to 3-6 students in one class (dependent on classroom)
  • If we are able to resume onsite/outdoors at the Teen Center, there will be an approximate limit of 20 students on site at any given time
  • If we are able to resume onsite/outdoors at the Teen Center, mouth/nose coverings must be worn at all times indoors or for outdoor activities, unless ample distance can be maintained as directed by our instructors, or while eating/drinking.
  • All staff, students, and parents must support safety protocols:
  • – Cloth mouth/nose covering worn at all times
    – Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizers
    – Temperature checks
    – No attendance of any on-site classes if students are sick
    – Will adjust per County and State Recommendations
  • If we are able to resume onsite/outdoors at the Teen Center in Session 2, classes will resume online between Thanksgiving and Winter Break as a proactive step
  • Our mission is to stay healthy, stay open, and have fun!