Registration at One Spark Academy for 2021-2022

General registration for 2021-2022 begins on Monday, August 2. However, a limited number of students can participate in Pre-Registration, which allows schedules to be confirmed at the end of July.

Pre-Registration gives a limited number of families the option to hold a spot in some classes for early registration, which begins July 26. At that time, Pre-Registrants can confirm placement when scheduling begins, or give up held spots. Pre-Registration is recommended if a family would like full-year core courses (directed math, English, Mapping the World) and/or would like full time attendance (more than three days). Pre-Registration is limited to the number for which we can guarantee spots. The $300 deposit* applies to Session 1 (or carries over if a balance remains) and is required even if your child is with a Charter School.

*The $300 deposit is refundable if within 48 hours after our June 10 Parent Information Night for 2021-2022 a family is not confident in our site location or program plan. 

Pre-Registration acceptance is first come, first served, and is limited this year to around 20-25 students (depending on grade level and course requests). This is due to the unknowns in our future site. The following students have priority:

  • Students currently enrolled in Session 4, 2020-2021
  • Incoming 7th/8th enrolled in the IvyTech/OSA Cohort
  • Students who have met immunization requirements (due to small size of our Pre-Registration cohort, 10% would be 2.5 students)
If you would like to be contacted about Pre-Registration or General Registration (when it opens), please fill out the following:

2021-2022 Student Registration / Waitlist

General registration begins August 2 and all available spots will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the various scheduling challenges for the coming year, all students interested in Pre-Registration (or general registration after August 2, 2021) will be waitlisted, then contacted in the order received should spaces in courses of interest be available (this includes on-site, online, and offsite). Other: Some spots for core courses are held for 7th and 8th graders registered with IvyTech Charter School. Priority is available for 6th graders wanting full-time placement.
    We anticipate the bulk of our courses to be offered in-person at a centrally located site in Thousand Oaks. Fitness and Hiking will continue at local parks and trails. Our garden classroom in Thousand Oaks will have classes offered at least once per week. A few online options are being considered.
    Check this box if you would like to join the Pre-Registration cohort. If room is available, you will be emailed a form to fill out and can pay a deposit at that time. Please check the following if they apply:
    One Spark Academy allows for up to 10% of its student body to be non-immunized. Currently, we have no available spots for non-immunized students in our on-site courses. There is no immunization requirement for students taking courses online. Those students would automatically be added to a wait list, if a non-immunized spot becomes available. *There is currently no requirement that students get the Covid vaccine when it becomes widely available. However, if it is added to the schedule for attendance in K-12 schools, per the recommendation by State and County Public Health officials, OSA will follow suit.
  • If there are specific courses on our schedule that you would like, please request them here. You may also provide any other information, such as preferred days, or schedule limitations. You will be notified when general registration begins and the full schedule is available, and if an available spot in preferred courses becomes available.

Here’s how our registration works:

  1. Priority: Priority for each session is given to students who were enrolled the previous session. Priority is also given to full-time students, or those committing to our full year courses, which have limited space. Students coming 4-5 days a week and/or who are on our Flex Plan are considered “full time”.
  2. Get involved! Sign up for our monthly newsletter, come to events, and follow us on FaceBook. This helps ensure that prospective families are “in the loop” for upcoming events and feel confident in the program’s mission.
  3. Parent Information Meetings: EVERYONE who plans to attend next year should attend a Parent Information Meeting. This meeting will include important details about the coming year, including our planned approach for safety measures, a hybrid schedule of onsite and online courses, and requirements for attendance.
  4. Location Update for Consideration: As of May 1, 2021, the main location for One Spark Academy’s indoor classrooms is not confirmed, but is likely to be centrally located in Thousand Oaks. Other locations for classes will be outdoors, including parks and our “garden classroom” at the Las Flores Community Garden, as well as a few online options.
  5. FAQs:
    1. What if I don’t get a pre-registration spot? Can I still enroll? YES! We often have students enroll at the last minute, mid-year, or even in the last session. However, full-time spots with your student’s first choice courses will not likely be available after the summer. 
    2. Who can pre-register? As a general rule, we only will accept pre-registration deposits if we’ve met your child, if you’ve toured our program, and/or if you have attended a meeting or are registered to attend the meeting in June. This ensures a higher likelihood that everyone is happy with their decision.
    3. What if I just want to take a few classes, or just have enrichment? No problem. We will have more spots available in enrichment classes than we have in our full year courses.
    4. What if I’m not sure what math class my child needs? We leave a little wiggle room for moving kids around should math placement require it. We will assess students in math in August, and make adjustments if needed. We also may request work samples.
    5. When do I submit registration paperwork? All paperwork is collected after General Registration opens in August, or upon registration. Paperwork is updated annually. 
    6. Do you provide scholarships? No, not officially. We barely have enough money to run our program. However, we do our best to help families in need once they are in our program, by offering a spot in a class that has room, or by providing assistance for special programs. We ask that families that have the means to donate annually to our program, so that we can maintain low annual registration fees.