Imaginession 2019

Imaginession, June 3-6, 2019


  • Monday-Thursday at the Teen Center. Classes 9:00-12:30. Drop off after 8:30 AM and pick up no later than 12:40.

ABOUT: Imaginession is four days of creative and/or active classes to end our year since Session 4 classes typically culminate with projects and such. We welcome those entering 6th grade in the Fall (so, those currently in 5th). Attendees do not have to be affiliated with OSA. Open to all homeschoolers, or those attending public or private school, in grades 6-12.


  • Single class: prices vary, meets one or two days
  • Full week: $180, mix and match mini-courses, with delicious snacks included all four days.
  • To inquire about registration, email here. New students only: Imaginession Registration. Please include with payment.
  • Payment: checks made out to One Spark Academy are always preferred. To request a PayPal invoice (credit card payments), email here.

Course Descriptions


  • Origami Math Genius: Origami Math Genius (OMG) integrates origami art and math in K-12 education. It is to turn every student into an OMG!  Learning math through origami has a tremendous advantage because you can see a mathematical concept in every fold.  In this mini OMG class, you will learn to fold a few origami artworks such as heart, ninja star, and bat.  You will also experience learning math visually through hands-on origami. Instructor BiJian Fan. Max: 10
    • About the Instructor: BiJian Fan is a math teacher, engineer, and artist.  His art has been exhibited at Channel Islands National Park, McDonald’s, Los Angeles Dodgers, Beijing Olympics, and many other venues.  He has taught OMG internationally.   Learn more about his background at
  • Food Fascination: Snack Edition: Join instructors Laura Erlig, and Sue Eaton for a mini-course in Food Fascination: Snack Edition! After learning how to use the tools of the trade, students will break into teams and become chefs. Delectable creations will include freshly-made chips, hummus, and guacamole on day one, and sorbet and granola on day two. These snacks will be served at “snack time” along with a delicious yogurt bar with all the fixings. Max: 9.
  • Science of Science Fiction: Have you ever wondered if any of the things you see in the movies could happen? Could we time travel? Would artificial intelligence take over the world? What might happen during and after an apocalypse? Do you think there might be ghosts? Do we truly exist or are we just in a simulation? Is there truly such a thing as “time”?  In this class, we’ll discuss all of those questions and more, taking the science fiction out of books and movies and bringing it into the real world. Instructor: Lyra Porcasi. Max: 9
    • About the instructor: Lyra is a scientist and mathematician who has always loved thinking outside the box. With twenty years of classroom teaching experience, a passion for films and books, and a never-ending thirst for knowledge, she loves to pass those questioning and critical thinking skills on to her students.  She holds a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Mathematics, as well as an MA in Education.
  • Macramé Dreamcatchers: Are you looking for a decoration to fill that empty space on the wall? Or for something to protect you from bad dreams? Or just an everyday craft? Look no further! The kids will learn the basic knots used in macramé and we will put them to use by creating our very own dreamcatchers! Both have been around for many years, one coming from England and one right here from Native Americans. We will combine the two crafts to create unique patterns, adorned with beads, feathers, and whatever else we can find! Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 9
  • You’ve Got the Music in You! This course will be a deep dive into what makes music great. No previous experience with music is necessary, but accomplished musicians are welcome!  We will consider the elements of modern music: lyrics, melodies, rhythm, instrumental tracks, and production. Examine and experiment in class with electronic drums, synthesizers, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, mixing board and microphones. We will talk about how these instruments fit into the making of recorded music.
    Over this two-day mini-course, as a class project, we will create our own original songs to perform! Instructor: Jack Lee. Max: 9

    • About the instructor: Jack Lee signed his first recording contract with CBS records at age 18. He toured extensively with the bands Oz, Mother Earth, and the Earl Scruggs Band. He performed at Carnegie Hall twice, opened for Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, and The Byrds. He has worked in Nashville and Los Angeles for many years as a studio musician and producer, performing on keyboards, guitar, and bass.
  • Bubble-OlogyThrough hands-on activities, students will learn how bubbles capture not only our excitement and joy, but also concepts of light, aerodynamics, and chemistry.  This will be an introduction to a class that will go more in-depth next year at OSA.  Students will build shapes to see what kind of bubbles they can make and what objects can create bubbles.  This is class is a blast! Instructor: Laura Erlig. Max: 10



  • The John Muir Trail: Welcome to the beautiful Sierra Nevadas! During this course, Melanie will share her knowledge of the backpacking world as she takes students on a visual journey of the John Muir Trail, which Melanie hiked (all 211 miles of it!). Students will learn about John Muir, the history of the region, and play with all different types of gear, from various water purification methods and food to tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. Prepare to be inspired to get on the trails! Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 9
  • Be Part of a Documentary! Let There Be Light is a documentary in search of the truth behind what causes bullying, the crowd dynamics behind it, and the question of whether is it an innate quality that most of us share. We define bullying as “the act where the primary goal is to experience dominance over someone.” How do we change that dynamic? This is a special opportunity to shoot a scene for the film. Students will reenactment a student being bullied at a school, as well as the perpetrator and the observers. We will also shoot two more scenes: one where an observer helps the bullied student, and another scene where a student is getting bullied through social media. The first part of the class will be a brief introduction to the film industry and how on-set dynamics translate to success in any competitive industry, like film. Students will be given a shot-list and an overview of the equipment we will use to achieve the shot. We will block the scene and shoot a rehearsal, then discuss what’s working and what’s not working in the scene. Students will gain insights into the technical aspects of shooting scenes. By the end, students will have a basic understanding of setting up a scene and shooting it from start to finish. Mr. Kenworthy will provide free editing software and links to tutorials on how to use the software, so students can go out and start shooting their scene ideas (on their own) from start to finish. This documentary will be used to help prevent bullying, and the scenes we are shooting are planned as the opening sequence. We expect that it may take 3-5 years to release. Special Media Releases will be signed. Documentarian: Rob Kenworthy. OSA instructor: Laura Erlig. No maximum.
    • About the Documentarian: My name is Rob Kenworthy, I’ve been a video technician recorder for over twenty years in the film industry, mainly in the commercial production side. A few notable directors I have worked with are Bob Zemeckis, Zak Snyder, Len Wiseman, Bryan Singer, and many others. After years of watching these top-notch directors do what they do, I decided I wanted to direct too, as it got to the point where I knew what the director’s next step would be. So being in the commercial side of the industry I put together a commercial Directors Reel which you can view at I had become very successful as a video technician recorder and if I signed to a production company as a Director, I wouldn’t be allowed to continue that work. So, I’ve decided to do a passion project instead. The Documentary Let There Be Light is centered around bullying; I was bullied as a young kid and then became the bully later in life by following crowd dynamics. My hope for this film is to shed some light on both sides and to help create a path to bullying prevention.
  • Beyond the Picture: Instructor Lori Peters will teach students how to use chalk pastel to follow the lines and shapes of various magazine photographs, then blend colors that mimic the natural design, creating art that goes beyond the picture. Max: 8
  • The Mysterious Mansion: The Wizard Draznomar has gone off on a research mission, leaving his apprentice Brazzle in charge of renovations to the sprawling manse where he lives. He arrives at a Town Council Meeting wide-eyed and talking about monsters taking over the tower. Can you find out what happened? Go on a fantastic adventure of improvisational storytelling! Enter the ‘theater of the mind’ where you choose a character to play and – amply armed with your imagination and some funky looking dice – collaboratively tackle the challenges presented. Funky dice provided, bring your own imagination! Instructor: Karen McMullan. Max: 6
  • The Dragon of Wingston: The Dragon of Wingston – A dragon has returned to Wingston. At least, that’s what everyone is afraid of (or excited about). Is it true? Or just a rumor? Play to find out. Go on a fantastic adventure of improvisational storytelling! Enter the ‘theater of the mind’ where you choose a character to play and­– amply armed with your imaginations and some funky looking dice – collaboratively tackle the challenges presented. Funky dice provided, bring your own imagination! Instructor: Karen McMullan. Max: 6
    • About the instructor: Karen McMullan returns to Imaginession, where she taught last year. She has been making and playing games for over three decades, especially Dungeons and Dragons. A professional game developer and educator, her heart has always held a special place for table-top roleplaying games and she enjoys sharing that love with students.