2020-2021 Overview

IvyTech Charter School (ITCS) in Moorpark is a 7th-12th-grade hybrid, alternative public school option for students desiring a flexible approach. Starting last Fall 2019, IvyTech Charter School partnered with One Spark Academy to offer their middle schoolers a special option. Our cohort of 15 students did incredibly well! We anticipate our 2nd year will run even more smoothly.

What We Do

7th and 8th graders registered at IvyTech for the 2020-2021 school year have the option of taking up to four (4) courses per session at One Spark Academy.

Joint approval (ITCS and OSA) for this classroom option is required for students who are enrolled at IvyTech, and course selections are based on the availability of classes at One Spark Academy. While IvyTech will be the students’ official school (for transcripts and report cards), students must ALSO register at One Spark Academy to take courses there. The primary contact and involvement will be with One Spark Academy.

  • Classroom space at One Spark Academy is strictly limited, especially for on-site courses during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • To find out more about IvyTech Charter School, go here.
  • Point of contact at ITCS is Diana Conner, Office Coordinator. To reach Diana, go here.
  • For specific questions regarding the ITCS program requirements, connect with Adreanna Diaz, Counselor. Go here. 

Placement is provided for IvyTech students who:

  • Register early. Current OSA students have priority. IvyTech families wanting their student to take full-year Core courses (English, math) at OSA must contact Lori Peters, OSA Director, here. Parents will need to attend an information meeting prior to attending.
  • Adhere to our Participation Agreement and program philosophy.
  • 7th graders must meet state requirements for immunization.
  • Agree to attend and commit to all the OSA courses in which they enroll.

Registration Steps for the ITCS/OSA Cohort 2020-2021

  1. Get acquainted with the OSA philosophy, course schedule, and format.
  2. Contact One Spark Academy to find out the availability of core courses. If room is available, ITCS students will be added to a confirmation list. 2020-2021 registration begins in August.
  3. Once on the OSA “list”, you’ll need to officially register with IvyTech. Contact Diana Conner, Office Coordinator, at ITCS by emailing here. Let her know you have already been in contact with One Spark Academy.
  4. Student schedules for OSA will be arranged starting July 27-31, Pre-Registration week.
  5. Once a schedule is set, an orientation appointment will be set with IvyTech. ITCS Orientation weeks are August 10-21. At this time, or soon thereafter, a Master Agreement will be signed.

ITCS students get the advantage of:

  • Full inclusion in OSA
  • Small classes with peers
  • Core curriculum courses taught in a classroom or online with direct instruction
  • Access to our unique enrichment, field trips, adventures
  • A community of peers
  • Social-emotional skills (SEL lessons)
  • A safe, friendly learning environment

Families of ITCS students would need to:

  • Complete OSA Registration paperwork (one time annually)
  • Ensure their student is ready each month for work turn-in for approved courses
  • Provide one assignment per meeting for each CCSS grade level/approved subject, met either via classroom instruction with OSA or online via an IvyTech approved text.

Course Selection:

  • Students select up to four (4) courses* per session. Some core courses (English, math, Mapping) are full-year and meet 1-2 days per week. Core courses have 1-3 hours of independent work per week. A general plan for each semester (two OSA sessions) is set with IvyTech and OSA in the Master Agreement. To learn about what we offer, view the Course Schedule, Course Descriptions, and About links. *Covered courses meet once per week, with the exception of English (ELA) or math. Speciality enrichment courses meeting twice per week are not covered as a single class, but count for two. 
  • IvyTech students are encouraged to enroll in core courses that replace online coursework. Core courses would include full-year or per session selections in the following subjects: English, math, social studies/history, and science. Important: Students must take an English and Math course to remain at IvyTech.
  • Students may also opt to take enrichment courses only, and fulfill their core requirements online with IvyTech. Note: Speciality enrichment courses meeting twice per week are not covered as a single class, but count for two. 
  • Students may take a combination of core/enrichment courses.
  • IvyTech students must commit to at least one OSA course per session to stay in the program.
  • OSA determines which courses are covered.
Cost for Additional (Optional) Courses & Activities

IvyTech Charter School (ITCS) is a free public charter school and offers a standards-based curriculum for their independent study students. Students wishing to attend ON-SITE classes will do so at One Spark Academy, which is a private learning center. (IvyTech and One Spark Academy have contracted an agreement for students to receive up to four courses* at no cost to the ITCS family, per session, taken by their 7th/8th-grade students at One Spark Academy.

  • Additional classes are available: Students may take more than four courses per session, at the expense of families. Arrangement for added courses or activities, and any exchange of payment, is done exclusively with One Spark Academy. Beyond core and enrichment courses, One Spark Academy provides the following add-on options: Supervised study sessions, private or semi-private tutoring, on-site lunch, field trips, and outdoor adventures.
  • No invoice requests are done by IvyTech parents. All payment for the first four courses is processed by OSA and ITCS. There is no monetary balance (or refund) for ITCS families.
  • ITCS will not pay for any courses outside of OSA.
  • A 5th Course or More: ITCS families pay for all courses beyond the “four core”. All added payments from families are processed with OSA on a per-session basis.
  • Covered courses meet once per week, with the exception of English (ELA) or math. Speciality enrichment courses meeting twice per week are not covered as a single class, but count for two.  

The ITCS/OSA Flex Plan (a great way to attend classes full time)

  • The Flex Plan: Taking five or more additional courses may automatically qualify an ITCS student as “full time”. If ITCS students attend OSA “full time” for course work (usually 4-5 days/wk), or their session fees exceed the Flex Plan supplement, students will automatically join the Flex Plan, which includes lunch and any courses* at OSA beyond the first “four core”.
  • The Flex plan supplement for ITCS families to attend OSA full time is $5,000, over the course of 2020-2021. This is broken up into four per-session payments: $1175 (Session 1), $1250 (Session 2), $1325 (Session 3), $1250 (Session 4).
  • *Additional costs beyond the Flex Plan rate include: Material, lab, and text fees if required; CRPD classes; optional field trips, adventures, and excursions.