Dear Families,

As we continue into Session 2 and start making the transition to move some classes indoors, it is important to maintain transparent communication with our families. None of us have ever experienced a global pandemic, so how to do this best is not based on training, but rather by listening to experts. OSA staff is committed to following the latest science and the protocols recommended by State, County, and local officials.

We had originally planned to move all classes online between Thanksgiving break and Winter Break. Quite frankly, that is still the safest approach, since Covid cases are rising in much of the U.S., more people are moving indoors, and the chance of contracting the flu at this time is more likely. Family gatherings are also considered one of the ways that coronavirus is spread fastest, and the next 12 weeks will see more family gatherings.

However, it is abundantly clear to us, in listening to students and families, that our outdoor, in-person options have been very important for our students’ mental health. So, when we planned Session 2, we opted to continue them. Now we will also move some classes indoors at Art Trek, provided we can do so safely. As of now, we are only using the space on Thursdays. Fridays may be added, and then additional days are on the table IF we have enough interest and IF all is going smoothly.

While there are no absolutes and no guarantees, the best course of action by epidemiology experts includes a commitment to FOUR layers of protection to REDUCE the likelihood of coronavirus transmission:

  • Wearing a mask properly (covering both mouth and nose)
  • Maintaining at least three feet of social distance
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Being outdoors

As we move some classes indoors, we lose one valuable layer of protection. Therefore, we have to adjust the other layers of protection. 

This means it is MORE important that all students and staff follow safety guidelines until the time that we are given direction by experts that it is safe to loosen up restrictions.

Please complete the following form to help us plan. All input will be taken into consideration and we will do the BEST thing we know how to do, and can safely do! 

Session 2 Survey

Hi Parents! Please take the time to fill out this survey. We all recognize that planning during a pandemic is not easy and the situation is changing by the week. Thanks in advance for your help!
    Will you be in town during the Thanksgiving Break, November 23-27? One idea for our annual professional student portraits is to take them that week since it is challenging to get a large number of our student body in one place on the same day.
    Are you interested in having the option to take professional family portraits on the same day that your child takes their student portrait?
    Many states are experiencing a surge of Covid cases, and some indicators predict the next 12 weeks will see a greater likelihood of infection. If you are traveling during Thanksgiving Break, what is your assessed level of exposure? (This question will help us determine our collective risk in the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break, a time that we had originally planned to go completely online.)
    We were originally planning to move all classes online between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. However, the feedback from our families has made clear that our outdoor and in-person options are very important for our students' mental health. Is there any reason that your child cannot attend outdoor or in-person classes during this time period?
    As we move some classes indoors, we lose one important layer of protection. It is critical that everyone supports our safety protocols. ALL students and staff will be required to wear masks and maintain three feet of social distance while in transit indoors, and SIX feet of distance while seated. The only exception is while eating or drinking, where AT LEAST six feet of distance must be maintained between non-related students. If students are presenting material, their distance must be closer to 12 ft from others if unmasked. Masks must be worn outdoors while working in groups and where at least six feet of distance cannot be maintained. These strict safety protocols are in place to ensure the safety of everyone, and the operational ability of OSA. They are also COUNTY REQUIREMENTS. (This section will help us gauge the compliance ability of our collective student body. Please be honest.)
  • Is there anything else we should know? Your level of concern with holding some classes indoors? A family situation that might impact scheduling?