General Registration for 2023-2024 OSA courses in Session 1 begins in August 2023 (date TBA once our calendar is confirmed). However, each year, we offer a limited number of applicants the option to commit to pre-register in July. This is due to many of our courses being limited in enrollment size, and families wanting to plan now for the coming year.

Pre-Registration guarantees early sign up (starting July 24 or July 31 via email; date TDA once calendar is confirmed) and first dibs on placement in limited enrollment directed and full-year core courses, including Foundations Math, Pre-Algebra, MS Algebra, ELA (English Language Arts), and Mapping the World.

  • Pre-Registration is highly recommended for students whose families are sure they’re going to take classes at OSA, and/or plan to attend full year courses, and/or attend full time. OSA staff plans in advance specifically for our pre-registrants; they are guaranteed space in most or all courses of choice.
  • The cohort for pre-registration is limited to only those for which we can guarantee spots. When committing to pre-registration, families select courses they will hold until July 24 or July 31, when Pre-Registration starts. During the week of Pre-Registration, families can then confirm or drop courses they held.
  • Setting actual schedules begins after Pre-Registration, which is when our our full Session 1 schedule is made available to Pre-Registration families;it will not be ready until July. Additional core and enrichment courses are only planned once we have our Pre-Registration cohort and can be reasonably confident in our staffing needs. This is why Pre-Registration helps us and YOU. More Pre-Registrants mean more interesting classes in Session 1.
  • A deposit of $300* holds an available spot to pre-register. This applies to Session 1, 2023-2024 fees and is required even if a family is planning to receive funds via a charter school.

*Deposits are fully refundable only within 48 hours after the June Parent Information Meeting if a family is not satisfied with the plan for the coming year. After that, we plan our Session 1 schedule with our Pre-Registrants in mind, and make commitments to educators based on those numbers. Deposits guarantee that planning. Deposits may be refunded if we decide not to offer a requested class, but otherwise, the return of a deposit is unlikely once Pre-Registration starts. (We can issue a donation letter.)

  • Priority for select courses in pre-registration will be given to Flex Plan enrollees, as families with students on site for multiple days rely on enrollment in specific core courses as part of a full-year plan.
  • Students who don’t Pre-Register can still attend OSA in the fall, and many join us full time during the course of the year. However, many core classes often CLOSE during pre-registration.
  • Once a student begins taking classes at OSA, they have priority for registration in subsequent sessions for that year. This doesn’t carry over until the following year unless a student signs up for Pre-Registration for the coming year.
  • Students registered at OSA in Session 4 the previous year.
  • Students who have visited OSA, met with staff, attended a tour, and/or attended a parent meeting.
  • We do have an immunization policy. One Spark Academy follows the same vaccine guidance as required for California public schools. However, a limited number of spots are available for students who are not immunized against transmissible diseases based on these requirements. This limited number is for any reason and based on our total enrollment. Therefore, spots are unlikely to be available during Pre-Registration when our numbers are lowest. Families with non-immunized students may request availability at any time and may request to be added to a wait list. Please note: The COVID-19 vaccine is only recommended, not required. One Spark Academy follows all recommendations from the Department of Public Health (local and state). For details about our policy: Read more here.
  • Pre-Registration Commitment Forms are available for a limited number of families by request only. This is first come, first served, based on available spots per grade/learning level, and at our discretion. Families who have toured the program and/or met with us have priority.
  • OSA Tours are available for prospective families.
  • To inquire about an available spot, please email us. Deposits will be accepted as long as pre-registration spots can be guaranteed. After that, a wait list will be created.
  • April 11-30: the window for current students to commit to pre-register and retain priority
  • Monday, May 1: remaining pre-registration spots open to new participants
  • Wednesday and Thursday, June 7 and 8: Fall Information Meetings, for current and incoming families. The June 7th meeting is at 6:00 pm IN PERSON. The June 8th meeting is at 7:00 PM, and on ZOOM. Families need only attend one.
  • *July 24-28 or July 31-August 3: Pre-Registration begins via email for one week
  • *July 31 or August 7: General Registration begins. Website updated.
  • *Session 1 start date is TBD. Calendar for 2023-2023 will be finalized by March 20.