Fees and Flex Plan

Pricing for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

At One Spark Academy, our goal is to keep our courses as reasonably priced as possible. 

Single course rates are priced about the same as similar programs (about $15-$20 an hour for instruction), with slightly reduced rates for taking two or more courses (not including study sessions).

Our Flex Plan offers a discount for coming “full time” (3-5 days a week). In most cases, enrollment in six or seven regularly-priced courses amounts to the cost of a Flex Plan. Flex Plans include lunch for the days the student is on site, but not CRPD courses, lab fees, or field trips. Some 3-day configurations may amount to more than a Flex Plan. In that case, our Flex Plan Rate would apply.

The Flex Plan rate is the maximum base cost a family will pay for OSA classes over the course of the year. *If taking additional non-OSA courses (1-2 CRPD classes per session), and our big outdoor adventure, and specialty courses with lab fees, Flex Plan families should budget for up to $2500 in additional fees over the course of the year.

Flex Plan: Our full year Flex Plan (2017-2018) is $7,200

  • Includes: M-TH, 8:30-2:30, and Friday 8:30-12:30; mix and match core and enrichment courses, study sessions, and lunch option. All courses are first come, first served. Enrollment limits apply.
  • Not included: CRPD classes, required books (as in novels, or directed math classes, physical science), additional lab fees/field trips, yearbooks, tutoring supplements, or Imaginession (our four day “mini session” at the end of the year). Fees must be paid as an added supplement, in advance.
  • Please note: Our Flex Plan rate is discounted from single course rates. The fair value cost to OSA per full time student is approximately $9,500/year. Generous donations help defray this difference. If you have the means to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount, we would greatly appreciate it!
  • Fundraising: We ask that ALL families include in their budget a contribution (small or large) to our annual fundraiser/s. Our fundraisers help ensure our classes remain accessible to a variety of learners.

Flex Plan Payment Options:

  • By session, payable by deadline BEFORE each session begins; usually for Flex Plan families this deadline is two weeks prior to the start of the session.
    • Session 1, seven weeks: $1650
    • Session 2, eight weeks: $1800
    • Session 3, nine weeks: $1950
    • Session 4, eight weeks: $1800
  • By month, starting August 1: $720/mo for 1o months ending May 1, 2017. Auto payment only, or hand delivered check before due date. Penalties apply for late payment. Payments for families who join OSA after the year starts, and who elect this option, must pay the extra amount (if needed) to be on schedule.
  • By year, paid in full prior to the start of Session 1: $6800 (savings of $100 per session). Refunds only allowable for the full session(s) student doesn’t attend, less discount.

Important info about payments:

It’s expensive to do what we do: renting a great facility, keeping class size very low, paying excellent teachers, buying healthy food, and providing ample opportunities for academic exploration. The fact is, we can’t operate OSA without your on-time payments, combined with generous donations from our community members and contributions to our fundraising efforts. It’s as simple as that! Please note:

  • Participants will not be able to attend OSA classes unless full payment is received prior to the start of the session, or unless a payment plan is arranged and partial payment has been received to cover time student is on site.
  • All pre-arranged payment plan fees for each session must be paid in full prior to the subsequent session’s registration starting. In Session 4, full payment must be received no later than two weeks into the course for students to continue in their courses.
  • To request a PayPal invoice to pay fees via credit cardclick here.