Babysitting 101

This is a course for students who want to learn how to be a responsible babysitter and even make a business out of it! Students who pass the course will receive an American Red Cross certification. Topics include how to be a leader, including the importance of role modeling, respecting household rules, communicating with children, communicating with adults, and decision-making. Topics also include: the business of babysitting; safety in all types of scenarios; child development for ages 0-10; what to do from feeding to bedtime; and dealing with an emergency. Great for boys and girls who want to start building a “resume” for working with babies or kids, at home or at camps. Also great for kids who have siblings they need to take care of at times. Instructor: Melissa Lapides, RN, Certified CPR/First Aid Licensed Training Provider with the American Red Cross. Max: 8 students.