One Spark Academy – Payment Policy

One Spark Academy (OSA) is dependent upon prompt payment so that it may provide the quality education program that each student deserves. The fact is, we can’t operate OSA without your on-time payments (combined with generous donations from our community members). It’s as simple as that!

The completion of the registration process creates a contract between each family and One Spark Academy, with the agreement that the family will provide timely payment of registration fees. One Spark Academy has adopted the following registration fee collection policies:

  1. Participants will not be able to attend OSA classes unless full payment is received prior to the start of the session, or unless a payment plan is arranged, and partial payment has been received to cover time student is on site.
  2. All pre-arranged payment plan fees for each session must be paid in full prior to the subsequent session’s registration starting. In Session 4 of each year, full payment must be received no later than two weeks into the course for students to continue in their courses.
  3. Invoices will be emailed each Session.

Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • Check or money order
  • Automatic bank deduction (required for monthly payment plans)
  • Credit card payment, with 3% added to the invoice.

Late Payment

When an account becomes more than 1 week delinquent, the OSA business office will contact the family. Contact is made in written form (email) and/or by phone. Documentation will be made of each attempt to contact the family.

If an account becomes 2 weeks delinquent, a letter requesting immediate payment will be sent to the family. If an account becomes 1 month past due, the family will be requested to immediately bring the account current or agree to automatic bank deduction or credit card payment for the remaining payments, or the student will be withdrawn from OSA.

Cancellations, Withdrawals, and Reimbursements

Any reimbursements will be handled directly with the OSA business office and may not be done online. Withdrawal requests must be in writing, submitted within the timelines outlined below, and must fall within the guidelines of our policy. Refunds are provided by check only, regardless of the original method of payment, and returned by mail in two (2) to four (4) weeks of request. Those who fail to notify OSA of withdrawal will be held accountable for payments.

If a family decides to ‘withdraw’ any or all One Spark Academy courses, reimbursements will be granted only as follows:

  1. A full reimbursement will be granted if OSA is notified with at least five (5) business days’ notice prior to starting the first class. 90% of the total amount will be reimbursed if cancellation is made in the week preceding the start of the program, with at least one (1) working day notice. PayPal reimbursements will account for PayPal’s online service charge.
  2. A reimbursement will be granted on a pro-rata basis if OSA is notified prior to the close of the second week of class(es). There will also be a 10% charge for late cancellation.
  3. Reimbursement will not be granted after the second week of classes.
  4. Requests for reimbursement at any time due to medical reasons will be approved on a pro rata basis only if the request is accompanied by an explanation of the medical situation and how it relates to the course(s) in question, as well as written medical release by a physician.

A full reimbursement will be provided if OSA cancels a course for any reason, prior to the start of that course.

A partial reimbursement will be provided on a pro rata basis, for any remaining classes, if the course is cancelled prior to the conclusion of the session.

Cash payments may be made in person, and document of receipt emailed.


Denial of Services to Participants

The environment at One Spark Academy will be an inclusive, safe, healthy, considerate, and positive one at all times. Participants, instructors, and parents should strive to promote these ideals. We reserve the right to deny services to anyone whose choices infringe upon the rights of any other participant to enjoy their learning as it was intended. Participants are asked to sign a Participant Agreement prior to the start of classes at One Spark Academy. This Participant Agreement outlines behavior expectations by both One Spark Academy and the Thousand Oaks Teen Center.  In case of early termination of services due to negligence on the part of the participant, no refund will be granted. Infractions, such as but not limited to the following, may result in a request by OSA to deny services either immediately or at the close of the Session, depending on the severity of the infraction. In addition to a refusal to adhere to rules outlined in our Participant Agreement (repeatedly, or in part, dependent on severity), students may be removed from our program upon the following circumstances:

1)   Bringing onto our site or to an OSA-sponsored event: illegal drugs, weapons, or anything deemed to present a safety hazard to others. Please review our 2015 Board-Approved Drug Policy;

2)   Bullying, physical violence, intent to harm, threats or other behavior that may lead others to feel unsafe.

3)   Little or no attempt to demonstrate willingness to complete assignments during class or during study sessions, and/or non-compliance with classroom expectations, and/or causing disturbances to other participants that negatively impact their learning environment.

4) Leaving the premises during class time without permission or disappearing in a way that OSA staff must go looking for a student. This policy also applies to OSA sponsored activities and field trips.

5) Blatant disregard of any other One Spark Academy expectation as outlined in the Participant Agreement.

(OSF Board-Approved, 2017)