Course Schedule

Session 4, 2017 Course Schedule: Sample of Schedule
Session 1 Schedule for 2017-2018 will be posted at the end of July!

Please be sure to view Course Descriptions prior to course selection. See Registration link for details about how to sign up.

  • Registration for Teen Center enrichment courses must be done through the CRPD; please indicate which Teen Center enrichment courses your child is taking when registering for OSA courses. Like OSA courses, Teen Center enrichment courses have a maximum number. Early registrants for these courses must be OSA students. (CRPD courses listed on this schedule will not be open to the public until January 6)
  • Registration dates, session dates and breaks, and other pertinent info will continue to be updated via our Calendar link
  • Pricing code: Two prices are listed. Listed first is the course price if no other courses are taken. Second price reflects discount when taking two or more OSA “core” courses. Core courses are considered any course through OSA except individual study sessions, lunch, field trips, or Teen Center enrichment.
  • Lab fees: Some courses include a lab fee. Where it says the lab fee is included, that refers to the single course price. Flex Plan students must supplement the fee due to the additional cost to OSA in offering the course.

Closed Courses: Sometimes spaces open up. Please inquire about a wait list.