Schedule of Courses for Session 4, 2020-2021

Most courses in Session 4 are offered online. Exceptions are Food Fascination, Seeds & Sprouts, Fitness Club, Hiking Club, and Tuesday and Thursday offerings at our temporary location in Art Trek, Newbury Park.

All students attending OSA are also asked to commit to at least one Circle time per week.

If courses are closed, you may inquire about a wait list. Similarly, some courses may close before the schedule is updated.

To register for classes, please first sign up here. Before requesting any courses, be sure to read the Course Descriptions. An online meeting is required for parents of students requesting full time attendance, and recommended for parents of students attending part time. To learn more about our partnership with IvyTech Charter School for 7th/8th, please go here. Supplemental fees listed in red are for those on our Flex Plan. Thank you!