1. One Spark Academy is not, and has never claimed to be, an accredited school. If we were, we would not be able to offer such flexible scheduling, unique programming, and consideration of instructional levels that might not align with a child’s grade level. One Spark Academy is a “center for learning.” We provide exemplary learning opportunities for students, aim to meet the needs of the whole child, and help students achieve success as learners and engaged citizens.
  2. Many students attend One Spark Academy (OSA) full time and treat OSA as their “school.” However, OSA does not offer all the same grade-level courses that public schools require (nor do we try). If with an accredited homeschool or independent study Charter School, parents assume responsibility for helping to meet the educational goals and criteria outlined in that school’s Master Agreement and (if required) for any instruction not being provided by OSA. If you are homeschooling independently (PSA) and your student is moving to a public/private high school next year:
    1. Please keep a file folder of course schedules per session, core course syllabi, work samples, and printouts/screenshots of Google Classroom grades. This is easy to do throughout the year, but not so easy to do for the first time in May. Counseling offices may ask for this information to arrange the best placement for your child. Counseling offices may also ask, by default, for transcripts and records. As a home school parent, your child may attend their local public high school with or without
    2. A hard-copy file folder is good to maintain every year, even if your child is enrolled in a Charter School.
  3. While OSA may assess students to tailor their instructional levels, we cannot provide official transcripts or report cards. We will, however, provide you feedback on your child’s progress, conference with you as needed, assess any work your child produces in our courses, and communicate (if needed) with the counseling office of your child’s next school. Students taking math courses will be provided assessment results.
    1. Many core courses offer grading feedback on Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a free program that our teachers use for core course assignments, due dates, and grading.
  4. Some of our courses require independent work, and some do not. It is important that parents and students read the course requirements and descriptions before committing to a course. Students are expected to commit to the courses in which they are enrolled: attend regularly, be on time, be respectful, adhere to expectations, and be prepared. Students who do not make an earnest attempt to adhere to course requirements may be dropped from the course, without course refund.
  5. We do not offer any specific special education services, nor do we assume responsibility for addressing specific accommodations outlined in the IEP or 504 provided from a child’s public Charter School unless there is written agreement between OSA, the teacher in charge of providing the service, and the Charter School. One Spark Academy does not require that our educators be trained to provide specific special education services. However, One Spark Academy, by its design, meets a variety of learning needs. Accommodations for various levels is foundational in our programming. Any student, regardless of disability, is welcome to attend classes at OSA if what we offer is appropriately leveled for that child and if that child can adhere to our Participation Agreement.