Employment Opportunities for 2018-2019

OSA is a wonderful place to be! We are committed to a positive, collaborative, supportive, and compassionate working environment, both for students and adults. We are also committed to providing an environment where people “look up” and engage in friendly conversation. In addition, we appreciate all involved with OSA to be committed to modeling healthy habits and showing a desire to be engaged, curious, and “tech-free” when with others.

Teacher’s Assistant

Job Description: Provide supervision and assistance to middle school students during study sessions. Provide supervision and support during break time. Assist with lunch clean up. Possible assistance in classrooms. Provide general supervision of our site in between classes and monitor front entrance.

Candidates must:

  • Be at least 21 years, with at least two years of college completed.
  • Have some experience working with middle school-age children.
  • Be strong in English, math, and people skills.
  • Be reliable with expected hours.
  • Display excellent role modeling in alignment with our students’ Participant Agreement.
  • Understand our philosophy (please read our website BEFORE applying).
  • Agree to be fingerprinted (we will provide) and provide proof of TB-test.

Days/Times: approximately 16-20 hours a week. Likely schedule:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30-2:30. Possibly Thursday. Fridays: 8:30-12:30. Check our calendar online for Session start and end days.
  • Lunch included M/W/TH
  • Hourly: $15-$17 to start, pending experience.

To apply, send resume and letter of recommendation to Lori Peters. In your introductory email, be sure to share why you want to work with us, based on what you know about OSA.