The Participant Agreement is submitted with registration. The agreement (accessed via a link under Registration) is to be reviewed and signed by the student. Please ensure your student has a copy in their study area and reviews the agreement periodically. Thank you!

Dear Participant,

Welcome to One Spark Academy! We hope you’ll find an environment that is inclusive, safe, healthy, and positive, but we need YOUR help to achieve this. Please review the following expectations, and then let us know you understand this agreement AND will follow these expectations to the best of your ability*.

  • I will use considerate and respectful language and gestures around others at all times while online, onsite, offsite, or when otherwise engaged in any OSA-sponsored activities. My actions and words will contribute to a calm, safe, and enjoyable learning/working environment for both students and adults. If my choices disrupt the learning and safety of others, I will make a concerted effort to resolve the situation in a timely manner.
  • I will follow any requests by instructors, supervisory staff, or parent volunteers to collaborate respectfully, stay on task, be safe, work quietly and/or productively, and/or stay in a certain location.
  • I will be prepared for my classes and contribute to a positive, productive learning environment for all.
  • I agree to “unplug”. To connect with others and focus on my learning, I will avoid personal use of my technology (texting, phone calls, Internet browsing, gaming, etc.) during my instructional time, and this includes online classes.
  • For any of my courses online: I will remember that it is important that our online courses maintain a focus on learning, limited distractions, and positivity. I will:
    1. Arrive on time with all requested materials.
    2. Adhere to polite Zoom protocols: sign in with my full real name, remain muted if outside noise is a distraction, and not play with virtual backgrounds.
    3. Try my best to not distract others; I’ll be mindful of my verbal and non-verbal actions when others are sharing.
    4. Keep my camera ON at all times unless I have discussed (in advance) turning it off with my instructor.
    5. Unless advised by my instructor to have my phone in class, I will not use it for personal reasons during instruction. It is best that my phone not be accessible during instruction. Focusing during online class is challenging enough. Multi-tasking will surely interfere with my retention, engagement, and mindfulness.
  • For any of my offsite/ outdoor courses: I will remember it is important that our offsite/outdoor courses maintain a focus on learning AND safety, limited distractions, and positivity. I will:
    1. Attend only if feeling well. My temperature will be taken upon arrival.
    2. Wear a mask properly and for the full time (from arrival to my departure) unless a safe distance can be maintained as indicated by my instructors.
    3. Not share snacks, education materials, or personal items.
    4. Take seriously the fact that we are in a pandemic and it is my responsibility to help keep myself and others safe.
    5. Leave my phone home or in my backpack. Unless requested by the instructor, our outdoor/offsite courses are tech-free. I will enjoy a much-needed technology break.
    6. I will assist with any set-up and clean-up of the area if requested, and I will clean up after myself.

When indoor classes resume:

  • I agree to “unplug”. To connect with others and focus on my learning, I will avoid personal use of my technology (texting, phone calls, Internet browsing, gaming, etc.) during the instructional day 9:00-2:30/3:00 (or until my classes are over), unless my instructors and/or supervisors approve such use. During any class and lunchtime, my phone will be OFF and preferably left home or in a backpack (unless an expected call is prearranged with my instructor). I will use the Internet safely and for instructional purposes while on site. I will similarly use my own personal devices responsibly, if such use is appropriate and inclusive (sharing music, pictures, contact information, etc.). Please note: Instructors retain the right to collect personal devices if they are a distraction to the student and/or our learning environment.
  • I will wear appropriate clothing for the day. My clothing will not aim to distract or offend individuals, a gender, or a cultural group. If in Fitness or Hiking Club, I understand athletic clothing and shoes are required. Jeans may not be worn in Fitness classes.
  • I will respect OSA’s commitment to healthy habits by making a commitment to my own health! If I am not eating what OSA provides for snack and/or lunch, I will bring a healthy snack and lunch and eat them at the appropriate times. I will not bring soda, fast food, candy bars, snack bags of chips, or similar junk foods on site. Home-baked or similar treats in moderation are fine, if accompanied by a healthy lunch.
  • I will be mindful of the waste I create, whether it is food, materials, bags, and/or plastic water bottles.
  • I will assist with set up and clean up in the area where I’ve been working, whether it is for class, after break, after lunch, or after class.
  • I will be safe. I will not run inside the building or loiter in the restrooms. I will inform my instructor if I am leaving the classroom and/or required area of instruction at any time.

*We reserve the right to deny services to anyone whose choices infringe upon the rights of any other participant to enjoy their learning at One Spark Academy as it was intended.