Thank you all for helping us enjoy a successful year so far! Session 3 is January 8 through March 8, with sign ups starting Friday, December 1 for those students currently registered. Session 3 is 9 weeks, followed by a one-week session break.

We would like to add in a few awesome classes, but there are some scheduling challenges with a few extra full-year courses this year. So, before setting the schedule, we want to determine who is seriously interested, so we can plan around those full-year courses and also do our best to not bump new classes up against other classes that we know students would also want. Here are the four additions (there will be other new enrichment classes, but these require the most scheduling consideration):

  • Shakespeare Kids: Day/time would be EITHER Thursday 1:30-3:30, or Friday, 11:00-1:00. See above photo– Hamlet in May, 2022. This would extend into a two-session course with enough interest. If just nine weeks, then it would include a short performance; if extending into two session, then a longer performance. It would be a tad more expensive than the general cost per class (about $40/class, but for two hours); attendance is important! Stage is being refurbished by Eagle Scouts this winter. Play TBD, but this would be an AWESOME experience for the kids!! SK teacher would likely be Eliot again, along with Melanie.
  • Body Talk 1: Body Talk has always been one of our most popular classes, with kids sometimes taking it twice! BT1 is geared toward 6th/7th, and taught in a mixed gender group. The kids really LOVE this course, taught by Robin and Melanie! This is an important class, more so since most students have missed out on general health and sex education (in schools) for the past three years. It’s so much more than “sex ed” though. Beyond anatomy, hygiene, and health, discussions involve proactive communication, dating, gender roles and stereotypes in society, how the media impacts mental health, and more. Day/time TBD based on interest. (Body Talk 2 for 8th/9th and mature 7th will be offered in Session 4, with ample interest.)
  • Start Up Kids: We have offered this awesome entrepreneurial course before through CLU, and although the program itself may be closing (it’s been offered as an after school program in a few schools), CLU expressed an interest in working with us again if we have ample interest. Kids work with a rep from the CLU School of Management to brainstorm, develop, advertise and “sell” a business idea. They may even be able to participate in CLU’s New Venture Fair in March/ April, with student entrepreneurs from all over the world. Day/time would be EITHER Tuesday or Thursday 11:00-12:30.
  • Women in History: This course includes history lessons, public speaking, and confidence development. Students commit to taking on the role of one important woman from history. They will study a first-person script, create a costume and props, and present a speech in first person on the evening of Wednesday, March 6th (a public performance at the Thousand Oaks Library), and potentially one other public appearance that month. There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal during class time. In the weeks leading up to the event, students will develop the confidence to perform, fine tune their public speaking skills, learn about all five notable women, and bond as a team. This experience for public speaking in front of a large audience truly changes and inspires our future female leaders! Day/time TBD based on interest.

Session 3 Survey

Please take the time to fill out this survey by November 17. Thanks in advance for your help!
    Body Talk 1 is for 6th/7th and will be offered in Session 3. Body Talk 2 is for students in 8th/9th, or 7th who have taken a similar course before. Educator Robin Lindsey has taught this course for more than 15 years; she can offer a parent workshop about the course with enough interest.
    Here are some courses we may offer if we have enough interest. Please check which courses your child might be interested in taking in Session 3, and we will do our best to accommodate your child's schedule.