Session 4 is March 18 – May 24, with pre-registration sign ups starting February 21. Session 4 is 8 weeks, broken up by a two-week Spring Break.

Scheduling is extra challenging with a few extra full-year courses this year. So, before finalizing the schedule, we want to determine who is seriously interested, so we can plan around those full-year courses and do our best to not bump new classes up against other classes that we know students may want. It’s hard to make everyone happy, but we’ll try.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Some course details are included. The survey also includes a question about your interest in our Summer Session, slated for July 8-26. Early commitments will help us plan for a fabulous program and/or decide whether we can afford to offer it at all.

  • Body Talk 1.5: Prior to the pandemic, Body Talk was one of our most requested courses, with students sometimes taking it twice! Things have slowed down since, but we’ve not changed our recommendation that all students take this course (or one similar) before entering high school. We didn’t have enough interest to offer Body Talk 1 in Session 3, geared toward 6th/7th. But hopefully we have enough interest for Body Talk 1.5 (a blend of the first and second level courses). Once they start the first class, kids really LOVE this course, taught by Robin and Melanie. This is an important class, more so since most students have missed out on general health and sex education (in schools) for the past three years. It’s so much more than “sex ed” though. Beyond anatomy, hygiene, and health, discussions involve proactive communication, dating, gender roles and stereotypes in society, how the media impacts mental health, and more. Day/time TBD based on interest.

Session 4 Survey

Please take the time to fill out this survey by February 12. Thanks in advance for your help!
    Body Talk 1.5 is for students in 7th/8th, or mature 6th who are ready. Educator Robin Lindsey has taught this course for more than 15 years. The day/time will be set once we know who would like to sign up.
    Great opportunity for a group of students willing to commit to Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:15 pm. This is an ONLINE course, taught by podcaster Susan Finch, that will teach kids interviewing and communication skills, and how to improve their online/ on-camera presence. They must have a camera (on their laptop is fine), good lighting, and a quiet place to Zoom in. Max 8 students.
    Taught by Jenn DeVine on Fridays 11:00-12:30, this course will teach students the elements of photography (lighting, composition, etc) using their iPhones or digital cameras (preferred). Priority goes to 7th/8th if we reach a max number.
    Please check off which courses your child is interested in taking in Session 4, and we will do our best to accommodate your child's schedule.
    Three weeks, likely 9:00-1:00 with an abundant snack included. Math and English activities offered daily (but these are not required to be taken), with other fun options such as science, art, book club, and more. Electives might rotate so kids can try more. Cost will be about $750. We will not be able to offer partial weeks, since we still have to staff for a full program. Max: 25 students, 6th-9th. The more commitments we have, the more we can plan for.