Session 2 Survey

Thank you all for contributing to a great start to our year. Although our student body continues to be small in number, we are impressed with the level of commitment, enthusiasm, and positive communication from both students and parents.

This time last year, twelve new students added within a six-week period. That has not happened yet this year, so we need to plan carefully to preserve our limited resources. While we can’t yet predict how families are adjusting to a return to classes or how their needs have changed, you can help our planning by filling out this survey. As with any small program, we can only increase our offerings if we have enough students interested in taking those classes.

Sign ups for Session 2 will start Monday, September 19 for those families currently registered. Session 2 is 8 weeks: October 17 – December 16, with one week off at Thanksgiving.

Please note that some Session 1 courses were planned as a double-session courses (True Connections, Lego Physics, Journalism) and some courses retain the same days/times all year (Mapping the World, Seeds & Sprouts, ELA, directed math courses, and Food Fascination). Other courses may be swapped or move times to better accommodate students.

Session 2 Survey

Please take the time to fill out this survey. Thanks in advance for your help!
    In order to assess how much we can add to the schedule (or if we keep the number of offerings about the same), what is a likely scenario for your child's schedule in Session 2?
    We are considering offering Conversational Spanish with Anna Colilles (who taught during summer). The best day is Tuesdays 11:00-12:30. We need at least six students to warrant the cost of the class. Other options at that time would include Food Fascination and another elective.
  • Which classes has your child enjoyed so far? List as many that come to mind.
    Some of our courses are more expensive to offer than other courses. In order to assess our ability to make commitments to specialists, which of the following classes is your child most likely to sign up for? If you feel strongly about any of the listed courses, but your child's availability is limited, please comment below.
  • Are there specific classes you would like if they are offered at a time that works for you/your child? Or are there any other ideas you would like to share?