Imaginession 2024

Imaginession, May 28-May 30

Imagination + Session: Where students try out new interests, learn new skills, and immerse themselves in creativity!


  • Classes 9:00-1:00. Drop off after 8:30 AM and pick up no later than 1:15.


  • Current OSA students have registration priority and do not need to submit any paperwork.
  • NEW STUDENTS: All non-OSA students must complete the Imaginession Registration 2024 form to submit with payment.
  • Grades: Open to all students grades 6-10, and those entering 6th grade in the Fall. Students must be at least 10 years of age.
  • Students choose two classes per day in advance (T/TH, or full morning blocks on Wednesday). First come, first served. Class size is limited.
  • Daily snack is served between 10:45-11:15 all three days, and will include a variety of healthy choices (fruits, nuts, cheese, yogurt, granola, hummus, pita, chips, veggies, etc.) and light sweets.


  • Total for three days is $185, including a substantial snack (daily) and all materials.
  • To register, simply email your child’s preferred courses, then wait for confirmation. Payment may be made by check or an invoice can be sent to pay online via bank transfer or credit card (CC fees apply).
  • If coming only part time, individual class cost/s includes:
    • Supervision for early drop off
    • Snack on the days where students attend
    • All materials any class required

Class size limits apply. If classes are closed, please inquire about a waitlist.

Food Fascination: Snack Edition

After learning how to use the tools of the trade, our student chefs will break into teams to create delectable snacks. Foods may include freshly made chips, hummus, guacamole, sorbet, and granola.  These snacks will be served at “snack time” along other delicious snacks. Instructors: Laura Erlig, Deneen Cienfuegos. Max: 8


Are you looking for a decoration to fill that empty space on the wall? Or for something to protect you from bad dreams? Or just an everyday craft? Look no further! Students will learn the basic knots used in macramé and we will put them to use by creating our very own dreamcatchers or plant hangers. We will create unique patterns, adorned with beads, feathers, and whatever else we can find. Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 8

Myths & Beasts

Learn about mythological beasts: their stories, their powers, and what they symbolize. We’ll play games, draw pictures, and finish by making our own mythological creatures. Instructor: Jenni Buchanan. Max: 8

Money Madness

Who doesn’t love working with real money? With Venmo, Zelle, and other auto pay systems, it’s hard for kids to learn the basics. Students in this mini course may find themselves in a market, a restaurant, a bank, or something else, and learn how to spend their cash! They’ll learn about added tax, interest, making change, tipping, budgeting, credit vs debit cards, and more! With ample interest, we may offer a money/ fiancé course next year! Instructor: Rachel Ameche. Max: 8

Mad Science

Mad Science is focused on the love of science. Each experiment will be fun and exploratory, and maybe a bit messy. Activities might focus on spherification, aerodynamics, or chemical reactions, and will be determined once we know the class participants (to ensure it is fun for everyone and not a repeat). Instructors: Laura Erlig and Rachel Ameche. Max: 12

Shakespeare & Swift

Let’s bring back the bards! Bards were traveling entertainers, well equipped in the ways of poetry and storytelling. We will work as a troupe to create a short play, using improv techniques and verses from some the greatest bards, like our friends William Shakespeare and Taylor Swift, as inspiration. There will be elements of playwriting and poetry with a strong dose of silliness and creativity. Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 8

Crafty Arts

We’ll have fun with some crafty projects, TBD once we know who is enrolled. Have fun expressing yourself while doing crafts such as woodburning, origami, collage, or another special project. No matter what, it will be cool. Instructor: Jenni Buchanan. Max: 8

Scout Pioneering

This introductory class is designed to ignite your passion for outdoor adventure while honing your skills in constructing innovative structures using simple materials found in nature. The product will be a wood tower. (See example below.) In this hands-on course, participants will delve into the fundamentals of pioneering, an essential aspect of scouting that combines teamwork, creativity, and practical outdoor skills. Instructors: High school scouts from Boy Scout Troop 761, with group leader/adult (and former OSA student) Dylan Rodgers facilitating. Max: 10. Through a series of engaging activities and guided instruction, you will learn the following:

  • Basic knot tying: Master the essential knots and lashings used in pioneering construction, including the square knot, clove hitch, and tripod lashing.
  • Pioneering structures: Explore the construction of various pioneering structures such as tripods, A-frames, and pioneering towers, using sturdy natural materials like poles and ropes.
  • Safety protocols: Understand the importance of safety in pioneering activities, including proper handling of tools, assessing terrain, and securing structures.
  • Teamwork and leadership: Develop teamwork and leadership skills through collaborative construction projects, where each participant plays a crucial role in the success of the team.

Sudsy Creations

Have you ever been curious how soap or bath bombs are made, or what makes them so sudsy and effective?  In this mini lesson, students will make their own soap and/or a bath bomb, while learning the science behind it. They’ll also use some natural ingredients from our garden and learn about aromatherapy. The soap might not be ready the same day, but students can take home bath bombs.  (Soap will be ready Thursday.)  Instructor: Laura Erlig. Max: 8

Chain Mail
Chain mail is much like knitting, but with metal. You will enjoy this class if you need some bling for an upcoming Renaissance Fair, you are concerned about a possible zombie apocalypse, or you admire the wardrobe of medieval knights, and/or you’re interested in spending some quality time with friends (old and new). If any of these apply to you, then join us for a mellow crafty experience.  Please note: Chain Mail is offered twice with six spots per class. It is not a double block. Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 10

Sun Prints

Science and art come together with making sun prints.  Learn about solar energy and the history of photography.  Make sun prints with cyanotype paper and learn how to take photos with Polaroid cameras.  Fun and informative. (See example below.) Instructor: Laura Erlig. Max: 12

Succulent Garden

Students will learn how to care for, propagate, and arrange a small succulent pot or bowl. There will also be mini lessons on native succulents, and why they are beneficial to the environment. Students take home what they create. Materials included. (See example below.) Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 10


Sun Prints

Wood Tower

Succulent Garden