Imaginession 2017

Imaginession, June 5-8, 2017


  • Monday-Thursday at the Teen Center. Classes 9:00-12:30. Drop off after 8:30 AM and pick up no later than 12:40.

ABOUT: Imaginession is four days of creative classes to end our year, since Session 4 classes typically culminate with projects and such. We welcome those entering 6th grade in the Fall (so, those currently in 5th). Attendees do not have to be affiliated with OSA. Open to all homeschoolers, or those attending public or private school, in grades 6-12.


  • Single class: $50 (meets twice with M/W or T/TH, total 3 hours)
  • Full week: $200, mix and math four mini-courses, delicious snacks included all four days.
  • To inquire about registration, email here. New students only: Imaginession Registration Form. Please include with payment.
  • Payment: checks made out to One Spark Academy are always preferred. To request a PayPal invoice (credit card payments), email here.


Course Descriptions/Instructors  for Each Three Hour Mini-Course (two days, 1.5 hours each)


  • Yoga & Mindfulness: Students will earn the basics for simple meditation, proper form for some essential yoga poses, and work toward completion of a 30-minute vinyasa flow sequence. Instructor Kalli Gedwed. Max: 8
  • Cartooning and Animation: In this course, we’ll introduce students to the 3 Basic Principles of Animation such as Squash and Stretch, Anticipation, Staging, and Follow. Students will learn to design their own character and plan an animated scene by creating their very own flip-book! Instructor Michael Voogd. Max: 10
    • Bio on Michael Voogd: The ArtNinja (aka. Michael Voogd) is a local Ventura County resident with an Associate Degree in Art from Moorpark College. Michael specializes in cartoons, animation, caricatures, illustration and comic strips. He has taught art enrichment programs at River Oaks Academy, Conejo Valley Homeschoolers, and Golden Valley Charter Schools. Besides his art degree and studying at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks, Michael also earned a Black Belt in Ninjutsu martial arts, so he really is the ArtNinja!
  • Self-Defense and Awareness: Want to learn to be a NINJA? The goal of this training is to empower students with the clarity, confidence and capability to first AVOID DANGER and second, DEFEND themselves and others if a situation is unavoidable. The ArtNinja, Michael Voogd, will teach students Awareness, Body Development, Cooperation, Resourcefulness, and Basic Self-Defense Techniques NINJA-STYLE! Max: 10. See bio above.
  • Food Fascination: Snack Edition: Join instructors Jerri Baker and Sue Eaton for a mini-course in one of OSA’s signature courses– Food Fascination: Snack Edition! After learning how to use the tools of the trade, students will break into teams to create something incredible. Delectable treats may include fruit roll ups, real ice cream, real potato chips, hummus, smoothies, and more! Max: 8 (these snacks will be served on M/W; snack on T/TH will include a yogurt bar and more!)
  • Watercolor Collage: On Monday, students will learn how to create Community Paper using watercolor and various cool tricks that make the pigment expand, contract, or look crackled. On Wednesday, we’ll use the beautiful, abstract designs to create collage masterpieces. Instructor Lori Peters. Max: 10
  • Creative Writing: This is a brief introduction to (or continuation of) Melanie’s popular OSA creative writing course. A fun, playful class where students may format a short screenplay (as a group or in teams), develop a brief memoir, or simply expand their imaginations. Instructor Melanie Ware. Max: 8

  • Origami: Students will learn the basics of origami art using special paper.  They will learn how to follow a basic origami diagram, understanding symbols and folding instructions, forming beautiful creations. Instructor Kalli Gedwed. Max: 8
  • The John Muir Trail: Welcome to the beautiful Sierra Nevadas! During this course, Melanie will share her knowledge of the backpacking world as she takes students on a journey through the John Muir Trail, which Melanie hiked (yes, all 217 miles of it!). Students will play with all different types of gear, from various water purification methods and food to tents, sleeping bags and backpacks. Prepare to be inspired! Instructor Melanie Ware. Max: 8
  • Beyond the Picture: Instructor Lori Peters will teach students how to use chalk pastel to follow line and blend the colors to mimic various magazine pictures, creating art that goes beyond the picture. Max: 8
  • Summer First Aid: Instructor Melissa Lapides (RN, CPR trainer) is back at OSA to teach what she loves! In this short course, students will be prepped to summer adventures, by learning to prevent and treat small cuts, scrapes and bruises; prevent and treat bee stings, tick bites, rattlesnake bites, and poison oak exposure; treat heat related injuries, such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke; and prevent and treat sunburn and shock. Students joining us next year can expect more of Melissa, with her certification courses in First Aid and CPR. But this Summer Course is a great intro! Max: 8
  • Physical Fitness Games: Get a jump on an active summer with fun, collaborative PE games, running and a few basic fitness moves. Instructor Kalli Gedwed. Max: 12
  • Music: Guitar and More!: Evan Joffred’s music lessons specialize in teaching music theory, basic techniques, ear training, cover songs, and song writing. Every student wants to learn something different, so customizing each lesson for every student is the best way to achieve all the musical goals they desire. Instructor Evan Joffred is a professional musician, performer, and instructor who is masterful with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano and vocals (watch Evan play here: Max: 8
    • About Evan: I have been playing and studying music for 15 years. I enjoy teaching and sharing the knowledge of music with others. My main goal is to share the amazing art of music, by showing all my students how to learn and study great bands. I am advanced in music theory, ear training, right and left hand techniques, cover songs, song writing, and timing. All my training was done at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I am open to teaching all ages and styles. I study rock the most, but I can play and teach any kind of music. I focus on customizing lessons for each student and am here to help students achieve all the goals they have in music, and play the songs they have always dreamed of playing. Side note: Evan is also a former student of Ms. Lori’s! We are THRILLED!!