Imaginession, June 4-7, 2018


  • Monday-Wednesday at the Teen Center. Classes 9:00-12:30. Drop off after 8:30 AM and pick up no later than 12:40.

ABOUT: Imaginession is four days of creative and/or active classes to end our year since Session 4 classes typically culminate with projects and such. We welcome those entering 6th grade in the Fall (so, those currently in 5th). Attendees do not have to be affiliated with OSA. Open to all homeschoolers, or those attending public or private school, in grades 6-12.


  • Single class: prices vary, meets one or two days
  • Full week: $180, mix and math four mini-courses, delicious snacks included three days.
  • To inquire about registration, email here. New students only: Imaginession Registration. Please include with payment.
  • Payment: checks made out to One Spark Academy are always preferred. To request a PayPal invoice (credit card payments), email here.


Course Descriptions/Instructors  for Mini-Course


  • Watercolor Collage: On Monday, students will learn how to create Community Paper using watercolor and various cool tricks that make the pigment expand, contract, or look crackled. On Wednesday, we’ll use the beautiful, abstract designs to create collage masterpieces. Instructors Lori Peters/Melanie Ware. Max: 10
  • Running and Fitness: Get a jump on an active summer with a morning run or hike and a few basic fitness moves. Instructor Kalli Gedwed. Max: 8
  • Food Fascination: Snack Edition: Join instructors Laura Erlig, Jerri Baker andSue Eaton for a mini-course in Food Fascination: Snack Edition! After learning how to use the tools of the trade, students will break into teams and become chefs. Delectable creations will include fresh bread, butter, jam and ice cream! These snacks will be served at “snack time” along with a delicious yogurt bar with all the fixings. Max: 8.
  • Storytelling: We all have stories to tell and beginning with our own sets the base for creating, sharing and presenting other stories. This is a fun interactive course which begins with telling our own valuable and authentic story. Learn skills, tips, and things to avoid on the way to becoming an impactful storyteller. Instructor: Justine Fischer. Max: 8
    • About Justine: Justine has been telling stories for most of her life. She provides workshops on storytelling, leadership development and creating welcoming environments for non-profit organizations. She has a background of working with children and youth. She also has been an advocate for them in Sacramento. Telling authentic stories of people’s value translates not just into non-profit or advocacy work but also public speaking skills, interviewing and other types of presentation
  • NASCAR Acceleration Nation: NASCAR racecars can reach a speed of more than 200 miles per hour. How do they do it?  The NASCAR Acceleration Nation program brings STEAM alive in the classroom with fun, hands-on experiments that teach about aerodynamics.  Students will build and decorate their own car (right) and use it for experiments to explain the following concepts in aerodynamics, the 3D’s of speed: drag, downforce, airflow, drafting. This three-hour mini-course is a great introduction to a longer course that may be available next year. Instructor: Laura Erlig. Max: 8
  • Yoga & Mindfulness: Students will earn the basics for simple meditation, form for some essential yoga poses, and work toward completion of a 30-minute vinyasa flow sequence. Instructor Kalli Gedwed. Max: 8.


  • The Mysterious Mansion: No one has seen or heard from the Wizard Draznomar in months and the townsfolk are beginning to be concerned. Concerned, but also wary of stepping foot uninvited onto the Wizard’s property. Can you find out what happened? Go on a fantastic adventure of improvisational storytelling! Enter the ‘theater of the mind’ where you choose a character to play and– amply armed with your imagination and some funky looking dice– collaboratively tackle the challenges presented. Funky dice provided, bring your own imagination! Instructor: Karen McMullan. Max: 6
    • About Karen: Karen McMullan has been making and playing games for over three decades. She is a Dungeons & Dragons expert, and will use much of the same ruleset for these scenarios. A professional game developer and educator, her heart has always held a special place for table-top roleplaying games and she enjoys sharing that love with audiences new and old.
  • Did the Dragon Do It? Cattle are disappearing. A barn has been wrecked. A herder spotted a huge shadow in the night sky and fire. The Wizard Draznomar says that dragons used to live in Wingston. Has one returned? Go on a fantastic adventure of improvisational storytelling! Enter the ‘theater of the mind’ where you choose a character to play and– amply armed with your imaginations and some funky looking dice– collaboratively tackle the challenges presented. Funky dice provided, bring your own imagination! Instructor: Karen McMullan. Max: 6 (See instructor bio above)
  • Get Your Groove On! John Lacques of Drumtime will be presenting two 90-minute drum and percussion workshops. This will be a creative and interactive group music-making event! No experience is necessary, and will be a great addition for students of music, movement, acting, dance, and any other discipline! We will be using hand drums, hand-held percussion, and melodic instruments as well. Come and get your groove on! Instructor: John Lacques. Max: 10
    • About John Lacques: John Lacques is the owner and founder of Drumtime Facilitated Drum Circles. He has been bringing his educational (pre-K thru college), adult team-building, and community programs to Southern California for 14 years. He also works with Special Needs, At Risk and Incarcerated Youth populations. He is a professional drummer and percussionist and composer, doing session work as well as creating percussion-based scores for live theater. He can be contacted via
  • Sun Prints: Science and art come together with making sun prints.  Learn about solar energy and the history of photography.  Make sun prints with cyanotype paper and learn how to take photos with Polaroid cameras.  Fun and informative.Instructor: Laura Erlig. Max: 10.

THURSDAY: Sports Academy Day

  • Get summer off to a healthy start with a FUN workout at the Sports Academy! Students will have a blast at one of the best venues around. While the three sports have not yet been confirmed, it is likely we will be using the track with timing equipment, the Baseball nets with Hittrax, and/or sand volleyball. After lunch, they will participate in CQD (Close Quarters Defense) with StepLite or a team building activity. No matter what’s in store, students will need to come dressed for activity (no jeans), and bring a HEALTHY lunch. Drop off at 8:50 (prior online check-in required for students new to SA) and pick up around 1:00 (to be confirmed). Instructors are pros in their fields. We’ve even had a former Olympian teach the kids! Max: 20 students.