Imaginession 2021

Imaginession, May 25 and 26 at Art Trek!


  • Classes 9:00-12:30. Drop off after 8:30 AM and pick up no later than 12:40.


  • Imaginession 2021 will be two days of creative classes to end our year since Session 4 classes typically culminate with projects and such. This year, our activities will also correspond with the two days of activities for 8th graders participating in our Launch (graduation). After a wild year of Covid learning, Imaginession will be a chance for our students to come together. Time will be provided to relax and sign yearbooks, and a healthy snack is included (smoothies, hummus, veggies, and more).
  • Students choose two class per day in advance. First come, first served. Class size is limited.
  • To register, simply email your child’s preferred courses, wait for confirmation, and then submit your donation.


  • The recommended cost per person for both days is $120, or $60 for one day, to cover costs of staff, materials, rent, and food. Because we don’t want cost to be prohibitive at the end of this crazy year, we are making the activities donation only. Donate what you can (min. $25), donate the recommended $120 amount if you can, or donate a little more if you can. Please note that many companies offer donation matching for non-profits. If you plan to use this option and your donation will be delayed, let us know (and thanks in advance!).

Course Descriptions


  • Altered Books for Creative Self Expression and Healing: Learn how to “alter” a (used) hardcover book and transform it into your very own “container” for creative self-expression! Before class, students will receive guidance on how to choose the best used book for this class. Then, together, we will prep our books by removing pages, gesso-ing over pages, gluing pages together to “strengthen” them, and Mod Podging down squares of paper to lay out a “brick wall of texture” for layered interest (and for the sheer fun of tearing and gluing down paper). Through the experiential activities, students will be introduced to the FAVORITE supplies of Altered Book journalers: the “Stabilo All” pencil (use to make ‘grungy shadows’ and MORE); the white Sharpiepaint pen (to make decorative marks that are waterproof, and to really enhance images); Mod Podge adhesive; and gesso (a surface primer that adds coverage, and tooth/texture to your pages). Students will leave class with a kit including these four supplies, plus MORE essentials, so they can continue at home. We will also make fun “secret pockets” in our books and engage in a “create and share” Found Poetry activity within our books. Instructor: Jennifer Jones is an art teacher, arts writer, and Art Therapist in training with a Master’s degree in Counseling from CSUN. Max: 8 per group
  • The John Muir Trail: Welcome to the beautiful Sierra Nevada! During this course, Melanie will share her knowledge of the backpacking world as she takes students on a storytelling journey of the John Muir Trail, which Melanie hiked (all 211 miles of it!). Students will learn about John Muir, the history of the region, and play with all different types of gear, from various water purification methods and food to tents, sleeping bags and backpacks. Prepare to be inspired to get on the trails! Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 6 per group
  • Create a Terrarium: A terrarium is a unique type of indoor gardening container that is fully or partially enclosed to allow heat and light to enter while confining moisture. In this class, students will build beautiful, basic terrariums with a variety of succulents and some other creative materials. Terrariums make wonderful and impressive gifts, even for people who consider themselves “plant challenged” but can also be lovely keepsakes that require little care. Instructor: Laura Erlig. Max: 6 per group
  • Learn to Crochet: From scarves, belts, to dishcloths and potholders, crochet has a long history. Once thought to be a handcraft only for the wealthy, crochet has become more and more popular for all students. Crochet is also relaxing for busy minds! In this class, Robin will introduce some basic stitches and how to read a pattern for a simple design. Robin will help you get started and, from there, you can keep going! The cost of the class includes yarn and a crochet hook. Instructor: Robin Lindsey. Max: 6 per group


  • Art Trek: TBD but it will be something FANTASTIC! Details confirmed this week. Either rock-painting, acrylic painting, peace poles… Instructor: Art Trek. Max: 8 per group
  • Macramé Dreamcatchers: Are you looking for a decoration to fill that empty space on the wall? Or for something to protect you from bad dreams? Or just an everyday craft? Look no further! The kids will learn the basic knots used in macramé and we will put them to use by creating our very own dreamcatchers! Both have been around for many years, one coming from England and one right here from Native Americans. We will combine the two crafts to create unique patterns, adorned with beads, feathers, and whatever else we can find! Instructor: Melanie Ware. Max: 6 per group
  • Beady Things: Get crafty and express your creativity through color and design in this relaxing class, while using beautiful beads to make jewelry (necklace, bracelet or earrings) of your choice.  There’s some math involved in counting and balancing beads, as well as determining the length of your creation(s).  All beads and materials are provided, courtesy of Robin’s extensive collection. Instructor: Robin Lindsey. Max: 6 per group
  • Mini MakerSpace: Have you ever wondered how to create art with moving parts using nothing but cardboard, a few skewers, and some craft supplies?  A “maker” approach to STEM puts an emphasis on hands-on exploration and encourages students to think creatively. Flexible maker-inspired activities can build student enthusiasm and confidence with science and engineering.  This class will have a variety of inspiring examples and students can make them or their own creations using recycled materials.  They’ll learn they can do a lot with cardboard, a bin of recycled materials, rubber bands, and tape! Instructor: Laura Erlig, assisted by Tim Handley. Max: 6 per group