Real relationships are the result of authentic connections. Without people we can truly connect to, the stuff around us means little– it’s just empty packaging. And if we pay close attention, it’s easy to recognize when we’re not our true selves around others, right? That’s because it’s vital to our well-being to nurture and be […]

The Tests That Matter

Last week, families received back the state test results from this past school year. Within a few days, I received several emails from parents telling me how their kids did in my class last year. Most were very positive (i.e “What did you do? My child is advanced!”), and a few were concerned (“My child dropped x-number of points. What can I do to help?”). Ironically, no one told me their child scored the same as the previous year. The reason this all sticks to me is that each parent who emailed me told me they really don’t care about the tests. And I know they really don’t. So, then, why does it matter? Well, it matters because we have been conditioned to ensure it matters. Read more


Do you have a story that reminds you why we all must work hard to make education better? I have many.

This is a story that one of my mentors used to share with her students. I then shared it with mine. It reminds me how each child is unique, and how important it is to create environments where each child can thrive.

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